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About Us

Vitamins and pills

NAF Pharma - Pharma Logistics Experts in China

NAF Pharma specializes in quality cold-chain solutions to and from China for the pharmaceutical, biopharma, biotechnology, and health science related industries. We are also able to provide domestic deliveries within Mainland China. Quality management has been a vital backbone of the services we offer. We understand the importance of maintaining efficacy of your samples or products, controlling the temperature and monitoring the safety of your products during transport, and delivering the highest standards of services across the entire supply chain.

Unparalleled Experience and Industry Know-How in China

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Global Network of Qualified Pharma Logistics Professionals

Aside from our presence in Greater China, we are a part of an international network "PLN", the Pharma Logistics Network, working with partners specializing in Pharma Logistics around the world. Whether you are sending your specimen from Shanghai to New York, or vaccines from Basel to Hong Kong, we follow the gold standard and deliver trustworthy and qualified solutions to transport your products from origin through to final destination. 

Logistics and Medical Expertise

The Dream Team who speaks your language - a team of experts with decades of logistics experience combined with expertise and background in pharmaceutical and molecular sciences. Our management and owners have degrees in Doctor of Pharmacy and Master in Molecular Biology and as medical professionals working in the logistics industry, we understand better than anyone else the requirements, risks, and the investment of time, money and effort involved when it comes to the effectiveness and safety of the products. 

GDP Compliant Quality Management

At NAF Pharma, we strictly comply with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Having a Quality Management System in place is crucial for Pharma Logistics as each step along the supply chain can ultimately affect the safety and integrity of the products. Every member of our team involved in the process is well-trained. All processes are documented, risks are analyzed, equipment and facilities are validated to ensure there are no gaps. We do all that it is necessary to avoid temperature deviation and to rectify a problem before it is too late. 

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