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Biotech & Pharma Logistics


Managing and maintaining the supply chain integrity of Biotech and Pharma Logistics can be one of the most important and demanding processes in temperature-controlled logistics. When products or medicines are exposed to temperature deviations, it can become a potential threat that could have a negative impact on experimental outcome, patient safety or a company's resources. Our job is to help our clients remove and reduce this potential threat by providing validated and qualified pharma logistics solutions. We provide a wide range of high performance pre-conditioned VIPs (vaccuum-insulated panels) along with temperature data loggers direct to site to collect and deliver door to door regionally and globally.

Handling biological and blood samples required a high level of expertise. Our extensive knowledge ensures compliance with all transport regulations when shipping UN3373 Biological Substance category A & B samples. High performance and validated dry ice shippers ensures sample integrity and 95kpa IATA compliant packaging offers regulatory compliance and safe transport for a wide range of primaries.

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