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Clincal Trial Logistics

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Every phase of a clinical trial involves many resources such as time, money, and effort. To bring a new drug into the market, pharmaceutical companies must go through a number of steps and challenges. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars in this journey of trying to bring a single new drug to be safely and effectively used by patients worldwide. It is important for companies to be proactive in various phases of planning, as they go through the necessary steps from pre-clinical to approval. Logistics is one aspect along this path. At NAF Pharma, we help companies establish a well-designed clinical trial logistics program to enable clinical trial shipments to reach to their sites and patients at the required conditions and temperature. Clinical trials are conducted nationally and also increasingly on a global basis, our network of qualified pharma logistics partners worldwide are equipped with local expertise in regulatory and customs requirements that can support your needs at an international and regional level.

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