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Quality Management

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Validated and Qualified Processes

At NAF Pharma, we strictly comply with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Having a Quality Management System (QMS) in place is crucial for Pharma Logistics as each step along the supply chain can ultimately affect the safety and integrity of the products. Our consistent and strict adherence to our standard operating procedures (SOPs) ensure compliance through all steps and processes. Our robust QMS entails processes for risk assessment and management, change control, and corrective and preventive action plans. We endeavor in continous improvement programs from top to bottom within our organization and every member of our team involved in the process is well-trained to maintain a consistent and continous high standards in quality management. All processes are documented, risks are analyzed, equipment and facilities are validated to ensure there are no gaps. We do all that it is necessary to avoid temperature deviation and to rectify a problem before it is too late. 

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