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Temperature Controlled Solutions

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Whether it's a biological or clinical sample, or pharmaceutical and diagnostic product, maintaining the proper storage temperature during transportation is of critical importance. Temperatures can range from cryogenic, -80c, -20c, to +2-+8c and controlled ambient. At NAF Pharma, we have a full range of solutions to control and monitor the temperature of the products while enroute to destination. This ensures the efficacy and safety of the product as it arrives in the hands of a patient or at a laboratory.

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Passive Packaging Solutions

Our passive packaging systems consist of the usage of various insulators and coolants to achieve a stable and constant temperature across the whole pharma logistics transportation process from origin to destination. Materials include vacuum-insulated panels (VIPs), phase change materials (PCMs), gel packs and dry ice. Whether we are shipping your biopharma product from a hot climate in the summer such as China, to a cold winter destination in Australia, our high performance passive systems ensure temperature stability regardless of changes in environmental conditions and minimize excursions. Our range of single use and reusable high performance passive packaging systems ensure enhanced protection and extended duration, while offering regulatory compliance required by International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 7D standards. We also have a variety of reusable VIPs (vaccum-insulated panels) parcel and pallet packaging systems that are available for rental that will help clients reduce cost.

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Active Packaging Solutions

For ultimate temperature protection, active containers will be the best solution to maintain a constant temperature during the entire journey by air freight. The active cooling mitigates temperature changes due to climatic influences and the lack of temperature control on the tarmac. There are different units for different payload and temperature range to suit the needs of various products and volume.

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Dry Shippers

Cryogenic biological samples such as embryos, sperms, eggs, cell lines etc. requiring storage in deep freezing temperature can be shipped in dry shippers containing liquid nitrogen. Temperature can be maintained at <-150c for 10 days. Our team is trained and certified by IATA to handle Dangerous Goods, Biological Specimens and UN3373 infectious substances. 

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Temperature Monitoring

Data Loggers are used to monitor various factors such as Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure, Tilt and Location. Data can be transmitted in real-time or downloaded at destination to allow full transparency and visibility of the stability of these factors of the shipment during transport. Whether it is controlled ambient at +15c to +25c, or +2c to +8c or at freezing temperature, our monitoring system will give our clients the peace of mind that their products are maintained at the required temperature during the duration of the transport. Having a validated temperature monitoring device also allows us to mitigate any problems without delay. Ultimately, we want to ensure patient safety and product integrity. 

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