NAF Pharma, Your Clinical Trial Logistics Expert in Asia

Your trusted partner in Asia for comprehensive clinical trial logistics. Our deeply-rooted local expertise combined with an extensive network, guarantees a seamless and effective process for your clinical trials.

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Leading Expertise in Clinical Trial Logistics

Navigating the world of clinical trials is a complex process that requires precision, timing, reliability and careful coordination - They're the foundation of our business and the bedrock of every clinical trial logistics solution we offer.

Welcome to NAF Pharma, we provide robust clinical trial supply chain management, ensuring full visibility, regulatory compliance, and a deep understanding of cross-border logistics.

Trust us to be your reliable partner in your crucial research journey.

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Clinical Trial Logistics: Advanced Temperature Monitoring and Packaging Solutions

Experience our comprehensive suite of services designed to maintain optimal product conditions. From storage to transit, NAF PHARMA safeguards your clinical trial samples and treatments.

Broad portfolio of packaging and temperature monitoring solutions to suit any requirement, regardless of the nature or size of your shipment.

Specialist packaging for temperature-controlled hazardous goods, including dry ice, biological samples, radiopharmaceuticals, etc. 

Innovative data loggers designed to track and monitor the conditions of your treatments and samples during storage and transit.


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Direct-To-Patient Solution: A Step Forward In Making Clinical Trials More Patient-Friendly

Today's clinical trial participants demand convenience and value their contribution. Our direct-to-patient logistics solution delivers clinical materials and collects samples directly from participants' homes, with meticulous handling and full data privacy.

  • Fast, timed delivery of clinical materials from sites, pharmacies, or depots
  • Priority sample pickup and shipment to labs within the required time frames
  • Full confidentiality between patient and sponsor
  • Temperature-controlled shipments where needed
  • Customized solutions that comply with regulations in your country
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Global Expertise,
Local Insights

Our global network is built on a thorough understanding of cross-border logistics. With years of industry experience, we've developed a keen acuity for navigating through the complexities of international regulations.

Your shipments are always compliant, wherever you are based. Hence, our reach is global, but our service is personal.

Full Visibility, Real-Time Tracking

How safe is your clinical trial journey if you can’t trace its path?

With our advanced monitoring systems, we provide full visibility and real-time tracking information across all our service offerings. From temperature control to GPS location tracking, you can rest assured that your clinical trial materials are monitored closely throughout the supply chain.

24/7 Support, Clear Updates Always Responsive, Always Supportive

In every clinical trials, clear and constant updates are key. With our enhanced communication, you have full visibility of your clinical trial materials throughout the supply chain.

We let you see exactly where your trial materials are in the supply chain. Real-time data or in-depths reports at destination that can be downloaded anytime when you need them.

Regulatory Compliance

Rest assured as we navigate complex global regulations for cross-border shipments, maintaining the integrity and reliability of your clinical trials
We implement consistent, trial-specific standard operating procedures to maintain Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliance.

Temperature and GPS Monitoring

Leverage our real-time temperature and GPS monitoring for optimal control over your supply chain.

Packaging and Technology

Leverage our innovative packaging solutions and cutting-edge technology to safeguard the quality of your pharmaceutical products, from temperature-sensitive biological materials to specialized medical equipment.

Value-Added Clinical Trial Services

NAF Pharma goes beyond traditional logistics. We offer value-added services tailored to your specific clinical trials needs: temperature-controlled shipping, customs clearance, local on-site assistance, and regulatory compliance assistance.

Why Clincal Trial Logistics?

Developing a new drug and bringing it into a new market involves navigating through many phases, logistics can often make it or break it. Any delays in this cold chain can disrupt the trial timeline and compromise the quality of the drug.

At NAF Pharma, our goal is to facilitate smooth and efficient clinical trials. Over the past 16 years, we’ve assisted hundreds of companies, research organizations, and healthcare institutions in establishing their sucessful clinical trial logistics programs. Our solutions enable the precise, timely delivery of clinical trial shipments, from sourcing raw materials to transporting test drugs, managing patient samples, and delivering trial results.

It's through this rigor and commitment to excellence that we safeguard the integrity and vitality of your trials.

Your Success, Our Mission

Our dedicated Success Team Manager will join you and be your guide and partner. He will be there to understand your specific needs and help  you navigate the complexities throughout the whole project journey.Our goal? To ensure a seamless, flawless delivery for your sophisticated projects.

Ready to revolutionize your clinical trial logisitcs expereience? Let's make a difference, together.


Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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What is the role of a clinical trial logistics provider?

A clinical trial logistics provider manages the supply chain for clinical trials, ensuring that all necessary materials, including medication and biological samples, are safely and efficiently transported from one location to another. This involves navigating complex international regulations, maintaining temperature control for sensitive materials, and providing real-time tracking information. NAF Pharm offers personalized logistics solutions tailored to the specific needs of each trial.

How does NAF PHARMA ensure compliance with international regulations?

With over 16 years of expertise, NAF PHARMA is the first choice for personalized, GDP compliant clinical trial supply chain management. They provide fully compliant, tailored logistics solutions for your clinical trial.

Can NAF PHARMA handle the transport of hazardous materials involved in clinical trials?

Yes, NAF PHARMA has extensive experience in handling and transporting a variety of biological goods, including potentially hazardous materials and other sensitive materials commonly involved in clinical trials.

How does NAF PHARMA ensure the safety and integrity of the clinical trial shipments?

NAF PHARMA uses advanced monitoring systems to provide full visibility and real-time tracking information throughout the supply chain. This includes temperature and GPS location tracking. They also ensure that all documentation and records are accurately handled throughout shipping, maintaining the viability of the product to its final destination. In addition, they use validated packaging and follow specific handling procedures to protect the shipments.

Does NAF PHARMA offer on-site packing and last mile delivery?

Yes, NAF PHARMA provides complete management of your clinical trial logistics, including on-site packing, facilitating shipments through customs, and last mile delivery. They offer a tailored approach that delivers added value throughout the supply chain.

Trust Only The Experts in This Field When It Comes Down to Life!

Be it a single shipments or long-term therapies consignment delivery, we can always customize our logistics approach to meet your needs.

Transform your supply chain management with NAF Pharma and never take the risk again.